Alaska Policy Forum Launches New Series, Analyzing Outside Money’s Role in Impacting State Policy

Today, the Alaska Policy Forum is launching a new series focused on the Outside money that is affecting policy in the state of Alaska.  For too long, Outside environmental interests seeking to block resource development and our Alaskan way of life have sought to influence local, state, and federal decisions impacting Alaska policy.

Take the example of Ballot Measure 1.

Ballot Measure 1 would overhaul the way Alaska regulates permitting for both new and existing development.  Supporters of Measure 1 claim they are acting to protect salmon.  State officials though have stated that Alaska’s fish habitat systems are currently healthy and that Ballot Measure 1 would impose a huge amount of red tape. With these conflicting claims, then we must dig deeper to find the motivations behind this initiative. Who, then, is behind Ballot Measure 1?

Those officially supporting Ballot Measure 1 are a handful of local groups, including the official “Yes for Salmon” campaign as well as the Stand for Salmon, Alaska Center, Salmon State, and Wild Salmon Center organizations.

But the money behind those groups is not local. In fact, there’s a web of Outside money behind Yes for Salmon.

In the coming weeks, the Alaska Policy Forum will be looking into the Outside money that is impacting policy in Alaska.  Our mission is to empower and educate Alaskans and policymakers.  Follow along as we unveil the web of Outside money behind Yes for Salmon.